How To

Thank you for your interest in using the MyVaxIndiana Immunization Portal. Below are the steps for accessing a record.

  • Patient ID Number
    You will need a Patient ID Number (PIN) to access a record using MyVaxIndiana. A PIN can be requested from your medical provider, local health department, school, and many other CHIRP providers.

  • Get Your Record
    Select Search from the menu bar to begin your lookup. Enter your information , PIN, & review the record release statement. Select the Get MyVaxIndiana button to lookup the record requested.

  • Print, Fax, Download
    You can Print, Download (as a PDF, HL7 VXU, CCD for Personal Health Record), or request a copy to be faxed. Please note: The printed copy, downloadable copy,and fax are all State of Indiana Official Immunization Records.
    The HL7 and PHR files are for personal use only and should not be used as an official document from the State of Indiana

  • Get Help
    MyVaxIndiana Email:
    CHIRP Help Desk Email:
    CHIRP Help Desk Support: 1-888-227-4439