ISCR Report Generator

You can generate a report based on data from the Indiana State Cancer Registry by making a few simple selections. A report consists of one or more tables that show counts or rates or both for incidence or mortality data. You choose the field for the rows and columns of the tables in the report. The fields you can choose from are the site (or type of cancer), county, age (in 5-year cohorts), race, sex, year (in 1-, 5-, or 10-year groups), and stage at diagnosis.

To protect patient confidentiality, the data available at the county level is limited. These limitations do not apply to the Public Health Preparedness Districts, which are regional groups of counties.

To create a report, click the Start button. This displays a page for selecting the data you want in your report. From there you go to a second page for selecting the fields to include in your report. From the second page you generate the report.

To learn more about how to generate a report, click the Help button. To see a video demonstration of generating a report, click the Demo button. The video requires Flash Player, which you can download for free.